This is how PlayStation Network evolved through the years!

Everyone these days is aware of the concept of online gaming content distribution. The year 2002 completely revolutionized the world of gaming consoles. It was the year when well-known companies like Microsoft and Sony launched their respective online gaming network on Xbox and PlayStation2 platform. These two were not the only or even the first consoles released by any company that connected gamers to the internet. Three years before that, Sega’s Dreamcast was known for its dial-up modem. Before Sega, when internet had not developed very much, Nintendo was popular among game lovers, as it provided content which was downloadable via Japanese Super Famicom system.
It was released by the name of Super Nintendo outside Japan in the year 1995 via Satellaview, a satellite modem. After launching its console in the year 2001, Microsoft had received lot of popularity for the Xbox Live service. The Ethernet port of Xbox was waiting for its broadband connection, and the yearly subscription fee of Xbox Live allowed gamers to create friends list which was accessible in any live-enabled gaming.

psnThe introduction of Xbox Live was Microsoft’s way of revolutionizing the business of gaming console. The company had an intelligently designed plan on how to make their console available online. By that time, Sony did not have any plans and was not organized enough in terms of network-based entertainment.

In the beginning of 2002, company made a casual announcement that it would soon be launching a network adapter come fall. The announcement happened the same year and time as Xbox Live. The step that Sony took carried both advantages as well as disadvantages. On the bright side, there was no subscription fee, but it lacked in terms of any unifying infrastructure.
To beat the competition, Microsoft added multiple features to the subscription service. It introduced the feature of creating friends list and making game invites by simply clicking a button across all the games. It made an expansion into Xbox Live by including an online store in it where games and other media was downloadable.
This again confused Sony as to how to respond to the internet-based gaming. It launched PlayStation Network (PSN), which featured downloadable content which gamers could download from the PlayStation Store. All that could be bought for free with psn code generator. Although this gaming network was free, it lacked in terms of structure and functions which could make it as engaging as Xbox.
The XrossMediaBar, which was the navigation system of PlayStation 3 could not be accessed across games like Xbox Dashboard. It lacked features such as messaging and creation of friends list. None of these features were available on games for almost two years after the launch of PlayStation 3 happened.
If we look at what Sony has to say, then according to the company PlayStation Network is always being constantly updated. According to Sony, ever since PS3 was launched in 2006, the gaming console is consistently improving. It is right because with time the platform is definitely becoming better and better, except its security aspect. Its weak security system caused major security breach, which remained in news during April 2011.